Oh no, shingles!

So last week was the week from hell,starting with strange arm pain very slightly on Tuesday , by Wednesday night worse, by Thursday really bad. Also, I had noticed a small circle type rash, but nothing was clicking yet. Friday, called the my regular doctor, got in , got an X-ray. And whoa , hang on it shows lesions in my arm. So of course , I freak out, call my oncologist , he calms me down saying they could be old. Then the next morning, mind you this now  Saturday, that little rash is down my arm and I go, oh no, this is shingles. Call my oncologist again( poor guy), and say I have shingles and he asks if that’s where my arm was hurting , so yes. 

Now, 5 days later the rash is receding I’m doing well, except my shoulder still aches. So, is it a lesion that’s active, and it was all coincidental or is it shingles pain. I’m fearful and weirded out by it all because ALL my numbers are GOOD and I’m I’m zometa a very strong bone strengthened , that , yes, prevents lesions in myeloma patients.

So, I’m trying not to freak. Will I need an MRI , I’ll just have to see what he says after he reviews my full body X-ray. Honestly, can’t I just for once cut a break.

Other than that, all is good. Our weather here in Northern California is high 60’s . Very nice.

Well, I’ll update when I know more.

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