February goals

Thanks to another blogger I found, Carla ,at half dozen, I’m staying focused on smaller goals. I’m not even thinking much about cancer,(ha,ha,as if its ever far from anyone’s mind who has an incurable blood cancer). But, I’m doing well and see the doctor and labs this week, so should know next week what the results are.

Just read Garden Spells, very good light reading.
Started Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker , and wow, it is great.

Cooking lots of new recipes,and have a loaf of no knead bread ready to go. It is the best,  but you do need a Le  Cruset,  as that forms the ‘bakers oven’.

Goals for this month:
Walk as much as I can , ideally every day, but at least 5 times a week.
Keep budgeting, have husband change w-4 with holdings ,as we got stuck with a large tax bill.
New recipe once a week.
And there’s more, but I can’t remember now.

I’ll update later.