What’s the latest!

  • Reading 
  • Watching
  • Listening to
  • Baking/Cooking
  • Happy you accomplished this week
  • Looking forward to next week
  • Thankful for today
  • Bonus question: Are you musically gifted/talented? Do you play any instruments? Sing?
So here’s my answers :
Just finished mrs Lincoln’s dressmaker,
Started Wuthering Heights
Watching. The Office , so funny
Made no knead bread
Decluttered more and took a huge van load to goodwill
I am thankful everyday to be here
No no music, but my daughter is extremely talented, piano, ukele, recorder, flute  pretty much anything!
So I’m figuring out the bloggy thing and this is my first attempt.

One thought on “What’s the latest!

  1. You have good taste in books! 🙂 I've never seen The Office but Steve Carrell is absolutely hilarious!! Have you seen "Date Night"? Soooo funny!! I'm glad I have your blog link so now I can visit you! I had no idea you blogged!

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