‘Tahoe Skydrop’

T Skydrop front cover.jpg

Todd Borg is a local author who writes amazing suspense and murder mysteries. This one is his 16th book. I have read them all and love each one. His main character Owen McKenna is a person you would want to know and then there’s his sidekick Spot, who is a harlequin Great Dane.

I love reading about the Tahoe area and I always learn something new.

Thanks, Todd Borg for these great books and hope to meet you sometime.

This one was just released but be sure to start at the beginning. They will take you to Tahoe even if you never visit.

4 thoughts on “‘Tahoe Skydrop’

  1. I found these at the local library shortly after we moved here. I agree — love these books! I even sent the author an email, and he replied — give it a go.

  2. Thanks for the book tip. Not available on Ebook through my local library, but got the first one for Kindle on amazon and it was free. Smart marketing if it gets me hooked:)

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