I haven’t done a whole lot sinc we got back from camping. It was pretty hot and I sorta just wilt. I’m making a nice summer minestrone with garden vegies for dinner. Maybe add some bread , I’d have to buy a baguette and I’m not sure I’m going into a store.

I have to get printer ink and post it things at staples. Then I wanted to maybe do a few errands around town.

We went and looked at a few xtra light trailers. Found one we both love, but, we decided we really need to do a roof this year, so I think trailer dreams are on hold.

Dropped some squash off at the library for someone and a person( I knoiw), from the main branch was working. Hummm. They have no extra help, but they let me go. ????

stuff was moved around in there again as per the BR M mania for moving things. I didn’t think it looked good. I didn’t check anything out and just left.

Well, off to flylady a little and then town.

2 thoughts on “Summertime…

  1. I don’t do well in the heat either, especially if it is also humid. I just had a thought about the library….weren’t you worried a few .months back that they might eliminate your position? Maybe when this incident happened they used it as a reason to let you go?? Whatever…it is their loss.

  2. You are quite right. In the last year they’ve let go 6 other extra help. I think it was seen as an opportunity to do that. Especially because another branch library is closing completely. And they want the BR M to be at Applegate full time. There was a master plan done last year that elimanated all extra help and in place hired part time permanent clerks. For some reason,this is a 180 from their strategy even 5 years ago when it was all extra help with only a few permenant.
    I’m still adjusting to not working even though it was only 12 hours a week.

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