No Spend January

I’m going to do a no spend month. If you’d like to do it too, it’s pretty easy.

Basically, you don’t buy anything non-essential. Food, pet supplies, household stuff is allowed but no extra stuff.

HDT quote

I plan on not buying anything from Amazon.  If I need something such as Rid-X which I do get from Amazon, I’ll just either wait or go to Home Depot. So, no clothes, coffees out unless we use a gift card.  We do have a Panera one that maybe when B feels better we can go.

I’ve done this before and it really does make one aware of the things that money is spent on.  Generally, I don’t buy a lot of extra stuff but still, there is some.  I didn’t ever feel I saved money per se, but it did make me more aware of where I spent money.

On another note, I’m almost done with the SDI form so we will do that soon. There are a few things were not clear about but overall it is straightforward. I think this will take us thru the transplant and then after that, we will need to do something else.

On a fun note, if you have Netflix, there is the new MarieKondo series called Tidying up. I’ve watched 2 and it was fun. She is a really sincere person and I like her approach. It’s definitely worth watching.

Today is a gym day, but I’m not feeling great(probably stress) so I’ll just do some weights. There is the Koffee Klatch lunch but I’ll probably skip that too even though I’d like to go.

Dinner is unknown…


7 thoughts on “No Spend January

  1. Happy New Year…I hope it brings some good things to your family. I have had a health scare or two in my life, but that’s all they were…not the real thing. I imagine it must be very stressful for you right now.
    I am sending you guys as much positive energy as I can. I really believe that there is “something” that connects us all…we are all part of some larger force in the universe (some people call it God).
    I haven’t watched Tidying up yet but I will. I did join a facebook minimalism group and it has inspired me to go a little deeper. It’s one of my goals for the year to let go of some things that don’t serve me anymore. I have never tried a no spend month…or even week! I really should give it a try. I was talking to my 9 y/o granddaughter today about how Bapa and I are going to spend less on stuff and save it for experiences. She thinks that’s a great idea.
    Take care.

    • Hi Marilyn, I am always glad to hear from you. As a former meditation and spiritual teacher, I do believe there is an energy in the universe. I used to think it was ‘God’ so to speak. Now it’s just energy. I’m so glad you’re minimizing. You’ll really like the show as she has a retired couple with stuff coming out of everywhere. ( shudder) plus she’s dong a great job picking people from all walks of life. Good luck and the best advice I can give is to just start somewhere:)

  2. There used to be a 30 minute show called “Neat” and I loved it. It was always filmed in Canada and she helped people get rid of crap, organize, and used a lot of what they already had instead of some Hollywood makeover. I signed up for the Frugalwoods January challenge. Good to re-read again and make sure I’m staying the course. I like how she explains that it isn’t DEFERRED spending.

    • I think I did Frugalwoods twice and opted not to do her thing this time. She gets a little to redundant for me plus there’s the issue that she NEVER states what their income is that allows them to do what they do. Last I read, he still works remotely at a job that pays him in the $250,000 range plus benefits. Somehow that seems like their ‘cheating’ a little. But she does bring many good points out that we can all learn from.

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