Frugal Friday

This week has been relatively frugal since it’s the end of the month and all the bills are done and I didn’t need anything from the store.

I have next month’s budget done and there are some extras on there like more garden soil. Since we have the truck now, we can get a yard of garden soil and it’s way cheaper than getting bags. The weather looks really nice for the next couple of weeks so I’m sure my daughter will want to start getting garden beds ready. She already has lots of tomato starts in the greenhouse.

Today, I’m going to skip the gym and go to Costco. I want to get salad stuff, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, etc. I don’t have a big list but I’m sure it’ll add up. I might add on a few pantry items but I’ll have to see what I need. Then after Costco, we’re going to get an early lunch of some sort. Panera is always a good choice for us and I do love their broccoli cheddar soup.

I’m thrilled that trump has been indicted no matter where it ends up.Finally, something to show he’s not above the law. But regardless, I plan on doing a media break in April. Not a complete break, but very limited like reading the WP for 15 minutes in the morning and that’s it. I feel like I’m somewhat out of balance with something and feel like it might be a good place to start in limiting news, and other media things. I don’t do much with Facebook or Instagram but I still do some and I’ll cut that out too. Maybe it’s I feel out of control with what’s going on in this country, with AR, killing of children, teachers, the insane GOP esp. people like Boebart and Greene. Of course, I know I personally can’t do anything to change what’s going on but I know I am definitely affected by all this tragedy. All the Shit with trans rights, and LGBTQ stuff, book bans just sort of freaks me out. Where as a country are we headed? I know this stuff affects way more than it should so maybe stepping away from reading about will help me gain some perspective. I guess it’s worth trying.

I may also consider not blogging during that time too. April marks my 11th year blogging Tahoe Girl.

4 thoughts on “Frugal Friday

  1. For my own peace of mind, I have been limiting my exposure to news for years. Ever since Trump became the center of attention.

    Recently, following the news has been easier, even fun sometimes, as I watch Trump finally beginning to face the music.

    Take a break from your blog if you need one. I will miss your posts but I only want the best for you.

    • I don’t think I’ll break too much from blogging as for me it’s really about being a journal of my life events. But going down the news rabbit hole I can try and avoid.

  2. I too have been taking a break from the news. I normally watch only a few minutes to see if there is something really important I should know (like the indictment, yay) and then switch to something else or shut the tv off completely. There is more uplifting, joyful things to focus on than the meanspirited and hatefilled people in this world.

    • I don’t have TV news just the WP but I’m so sensitive about things that I get caught up in it. Of course, I’m celebrating the indictment no matter where it goes.

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