Wednesday and it Snowed again!!!

Well, I got home from the gym yesterday @ 10:30 and the wind was howling and it was raining cats and dogs. Then by 1pm all of a sudden it turned to snow!!! Lots of snow and the forecast was still saying rain. It was a very wet snow and heavy.

The worst though is our beloved flowering cherry trees that we planted 25 years ago, were in full bloom, and both had their top branches break off from the weight of the snow. I’m really sad about this. Such lovely trees. It’s sort of weird because not a few hours before I looked out at them and saw them drooping but didn’t think much about it. But that snow was so heavy it split the tops right off. 😦

With all the snow at low elevations, I’m not going to the pool this morning. I don’t want to get caught out in that again. I think tomorrow the weather is sunny again, so I’ll go then.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday and it Snowed again!!!

  1. I feel your pain. Hurricane Fiona took out many trees on our property and some are still not cut up. It breaks my heart every time I look out at the stumps. Nature can be tough.

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