Frugal Friday and we survived the storm!

We made it thru this storm with rain and wind. The wind gusts were pretty scary up on this hill. We have(still) too many very big (100+ ft) Ponderosas. These trees are probably near the end of their life cycle and even 27 yrs ago when we moved here they were smaller. We’ve spent 10’s of thousands removing trees( the last tree was almost 5K) I think it was 4500? That was for 1 tree. It’s the saturated ground now that could be a concern because trees will fall if the ground can’t hold them. Well, today we have a break so that’s good. The coast and Santa Cruz area( including our favorite Capitola) were hit VERY hard and there has been lots of damage.

On to frugal Friday stuff. So far the pantry challenge is going well and I am using stuff from the freezer and in the fridge. Last night I made a red potato soup with carrots, onion, and celery. Then added some sour cream at the end. I needed to use the potatoes up and it was delicious. I had made a loaf of bread( sandwich) in the Zojirushi bread maker and we had that with butter. I always bake my loaf in the oven and not finish in the breadmaker. There’s a bread challenge going around Instagram somebody is doing and each month is dedicated to perfecting the type of bread such as sandwich, baguette, etc. I’m not too interested in doing it but reading tips on bread-making is always helpful.

I returned the one bread slicer I ordered from amazon. I thought it was too expensive for what it was so I’m still looking for one that’s cheaper. Or I just may keep slicing by hand which isn’t a problem, it’s just nice to have even slices.

Today I’m driving to Roseville to go to the gym and I have 2 holds at the library. I still haven’t been over to Anytime Fitness to sign up under UHC medicare’s free program but hope to do that next week. It’ll be nice to have an option for the gym closer.

We’ve been watching a hilarious show on Hulu,” Only Murders in the Bldg” with Martin Short and Steve Martin. If you have Hulu check it out or do what my daughter does and sign up for the free trial and then cancel. Then we’re watching Poirot and these are the earlier ones so it’s fun. We finished jack Ryan and it was good. I’m not crazy about Clancy’s writing but the character is good.

Tonight is pizza night and I’ll make one from the dough I froze.

I’ve been having some trouble with my left ear again, the one in that I had some hearing loss in last fall. It’s kind of a pressure. Does anyone have that symptom and what did you do. I’m not sure if it’s the inner ear or what . I see my PCP in a few weeks for my annual wellness check up so I’ll ask him but I thought I’d see if anyone has had something similar.

8 thoughts on “Frugal Friday and we survived the storm!

  1. Is that the UK Poirot with the wonderful ‘Good God’ Captain Hastings? It just goes round and round here on freeview. I had to smile at your breast slicer – the thought is painful, but your homebaked bread looks so good. We lost a lot of Scotts pines in our wood at the cottage when the ground became saturated as they are very tall and have shallow roots. They go over like dominoes if one goes.

  2. I feel your pain about the pines! When we lived in Atlanta we had to take down 5 end of life white pines and many hardwood trees. It is quite expensive but safety is critical.

  3. We lost so many trees during Hurricane Fiona – on our little island tens of thousands came down – it will take years to clean them up although many in wooded areas will probably just be left to decompose. Many were well over a hundred years old. It still breaks my heart to see them as I love trees.

    I have terrible ear problems – tinnitus, painful pounding (during loud noises or talking), periodic deafness, swooshing sounds – you name it. The last time I had my ears syringed (due to wax buildup causing complete deafness) the doctor poked slightly too far in so now that ear behaves very badly. **sigh**

    • I’m not sure what this is as it all started after swimming one-time last fall and I had water in my ear. Then right after that I noticed hearing loss but the ENT guy said it wasn’t related. But since then I’ve had trouble and now it feels like this weird pressure so who knows??

    • I didn’t either till the episode with water in my ear but who knows maybe there was some hearing loss before that. Funny though, on the word test I got 100 in both ears, go figure.

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