Simple Sunday

The full moon was spectacular over the park this morning. I think the actual full moon is this evening but nonetheless, it was impressive on the horizon.

We’re enjoying watching the Rings of Power on Prime. It’s before LOTR and tells the back stories of Elves, Numenor, Dwarves, and when Gandalf fell from the stars( He’s the race of Wizards ). It is beautifully done. We also are on the 3rd movie of the Hobbit Trilogy. It gets a little long but still great. We always watch it around late September or early October. I usually read the books too but I think I’ll go back and just read the Appendixes which is where the new Prime series is based on.

This is a tough time for finances as all our fall annual bills come in and EVERYTHING has increased. Our PO Box fee went from $106 to $166. How can they do that??? Our house insurance( with us being in a fire zone) also increased by $600. I’ve had to put the insurance on our card and it’ll take a month or two to pay it off. sigh….. sigh… I hate that. It just seems everything is so expensive.

Yesterday after the pool, I came home and made the White bean Ragout from my new canning book.

So this is cannellini beans precooked, tomatoes, garlic, onion, veggie broth with a dash of chicken broth ( sorry B, just a little for flavor)…and chopped basil.

I’m really enjoying learning this process. I did freak out once as it was supposed to have made 6 qts and I got 4 so somewhere I didn’t add enough liquid although I did measure what the book said. I messaged the Happy Homemaker on Facebook and asked her and she said sometimes that happens and as long as I pressure canned at the right pressure and time it’s fine. ( which I did, it’s 15lbs of pressure for 90 minutes. I thought it was very thoughtful she answered me right away.

The next thing I want to try is Boston Baked Beans.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appt. We cancelled our Delta Dental after our dentist office went out of network so it became pointless to pay $71 a month and not get any benefits.

Then later this week our old Koffee klatch is going to meet up. Since it’s been 2 1/2 years it’ll be strange to see people. One person has moved down the ‘hill’ as we say up here in the foothills. Two people have spouses that are seriously ill now so that’s a hardship for sure. Still it’l be nice to see everyone again.

3 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. We canceled our dental ins too. Way too expensive & the annual caps are too low. Everything is getting more expensive. It’s just insane. looks good though!

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