Friday things

What an amazing week at Tahoe we had.

The weather was picture-perfect. The beginning of October is a great time to be up here. Now in the past, it can snow in October so this is probably due to climate change. Still, really great. The campground is quiet overall. It’s still full but not a lot of families and screaming kids. Mostly, people like us, older, and it seemed some younger people traveling through. It was a wonderful getaway. I was tempted to book next week but I have a couple of appts so that wasn’t going to work.

We walked, like usual, in the morning after getting up and then later before lunch did a few hikes. The weather is getting cooler with morning lows around freezing. Dinners were simple including one night the homemade pressure canned minestrone soup.

It was delicious. We also did 2 nights using the Weber. I did some embroidering, knitting, and of course some reading.

Everything at home was in good order. My daughter did a good job of keeping the home going.

I decided not to go to the gym this morning and just catch up on laundry etc. There’s not a lot to do but still going to the gym mid-morning breaks up the momentum. I will swim tomorrow and get back into the groove. Although gas is going up again so I’m definitely going to have to limit driving to Roseville to 3 days a week. I was hoping with gas going down to do 4 days but now it’s creeping back up. In Tahoe, we paid $6.99 a gallon. Wow, that’s steep.

Evening light thru the trees toward the lake.

We didn’t really spend any money except to fill the truck back up( it takes about 1/2 tank to get up here), and a few groceries at Safeway including…

Here’s the Arjoh ghost and Tahoe Blue. I don’t drink vodka ( just lots of wine) but needed it to make vanilla extract. I’m addicted to these little ghosts and plan on buying more!!!

3 thoughts on “Friday things

  1. I was just thinking wasn’t this the week you were in Tahoe? Couldn’t have timed it better.

    My sister gave me some of her homemade vanilla. Can’t wait to try it!

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