Simple Sunday and we got RAIN!!!!

We woke up to rain and more is forecast for today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. The Mosquito Fire is still going but probably this is the boost the firefighters need. Yay. We walked with umbrellas but it was only a drizzle by then.

I started some minestrone for dinner in the crockpot using the cranberry beans from Ranch Gordo. Plus lots of veggies, onions, garlic, tomato sauce, and water. I think I might make some cheese toast on the side. This week’s menu will probably include some chicken, tofu, rice, and maybe a pasta dish. I reordered from amazon the freezer containers ( which were definitely worth it) and so I want to do some lasagnas and cheese enchiladas. I’ve tried freezing the mac and cheese and it just doesn’t freeze well. ( my version). I think you need to use Velveeta or maybe evaporated milk. Homemade mac and cheese is really easy. There’s a blogger on Youtube that thinks Wincos mac and cheese is real ‘home’ cooking. I don’t think she’s ever made homemade, probably too much work.

My arm is still sore from the Omicron shot but no ‘real’ reaction. I kind of felt off but that’s about it.

Tomorrow, I plan on going to the gym although if it’s raining too hard I won’t. Roseville is usually milder than here so that’s positive.

This week is the bedroom zone and closet. I will move my canning jars out to the garden shed as I’m done for the season except for applesauce. I’m planning to over to Apple Hill near Placerville to get apples, probably 20lbs. I’d like to get some heirloom apples but I’m not sure that’s what they have. There is a farm over in Petaluma that has heirloom apples but that’s 2-3 hours over there. Then I would like to put up the winter curtains but then I thought maybe I’ll do a between season one in a light linen. I’ll check if Ikea has any.

I have my appt with Dr. Laptalo on Thursday which happens to be B’s birthday. Not sure what he wants foodwise but usually the birthday person chooses their favorite meal.

Well, that’s a wrap.

7 thoughts on “Simple Sunday and we got RAIN!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday to B, and hope your appt. goes well. Food-wise, I find I like what I grew up with. I took Home Ec in jr. high and made real Mac and cheese, but I was ruined because of Kraft Mac and cheese. 🙂 Same thing happened with cheese cannelloni. Got real cheese cannelloni in an Italian restaurant, but was ruined by Lean Cuisine. First imprint is a powerful thing. Glad you got rain!

  2. I am envious of your rain but really glad you are getting it. Hopefully it will help the firefighters a lot. The fire station crew near my clubhouse came to our meeting and talked a lot about wildfire prep and survival. I look at the foothills here and cross my fingers while being grateful it has at least cooled down. Your meal ideas all sound good to me and we are among those who cook almost every night. Hope you can swim.

  3. Could I ask you for a link or for more info on the freezer containers you like from Amazon? I have been looking for good freezer containers for a long time, without success.

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