Some photos from the trip and other misc stuff.

I got my P23 booster yesterday( pneumonia) and it was all good. No reaction, but I didn’t expect one as I’ve had the P13 before. So another medical thing ticked off. I still need to get a dtap but will do that soon. Always stuff. I also had my labs done by the phlebotomist from hell. Well, she was new and didn’t get the vein right. I’ve had thousands of draws at this point in my life and I know when they get and when they don’t. Anyway, I should know if I’m moving out of range on my Kappa Light chains by next Friday.

Here’s our Thanksgiving table using the dishes my dear friend Sara gave me years ago. The wine is from Monterrey County. It was quite delicious.

Here’s the husband looking happy with his nut loaf!!

My super handsome son!!!

This is the Diestel turkey he brined and cooked!!!

This is the Paso Robles RV place.

My beautiful daughter ,Sachi.

Backing in to the spot. But he redid it so it was straight in.

All cozy inside. Having full hook ups does make a huge difference.

This is on the trail at Refugio. We walked this everyday about 2miles.It’d probably help if I combed my hair:)

8 thoughts on “Some photos from the trip and other misc stuff.

    • Yes, since about 15. Of course most of our married life I was too till around 20 years ago. Mostly I eat vegetarian, but I do eat some meat but nut loaf is our Thanksgiving tradition.

  1. Awwww, thanks to your beautiful family for being good sports with the pictures. Great to see them. Your camping trips sound awesome – glad you got the upgraded camper with facilities.

    • Hi Kim, long time no hear(ha ha)…they are great kids really. and help around the house so much. We are pretty over the moon with our little Rubi!! Hope you are well. Didn’t you retire or were close?

      • I retired May of 2019. It’s glorious – love owning my time. Traveled before Covid hit and then got started back to traveling this August.

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