Beautiful Nevada Beach

We made it up here no problems. A smooth and comfortable ride. When we got here the campground was almost empty except in our GD spot a freeloader decided to park his tent and shit load of crap. So the camp host people had to kick him out and that took an extra 40 minutes. All good in the end and we are here.

Our spot is one of the best on the outer ring and it’s the one we always stay at if we can get it reserved. It has been windy and cool but sunny.

We are learning new things about the Rv everyday and today we used the gas water heater and that gave us nice hot water.

The fridge is awesome and we’ve had great food. it’s a big fridge which is one thing we wanted that we gave up a closet for.

My pictures aren’t uploading so I’ll add some when we get home. We stopped at Cannablue in South Lake for some gummies for B and that was fun. Traffic and South lake in general was pretty empty and places like Raley’s was not busy and had few cars in the parking lot. For people like us that dislike most other obnoxious people/traffic in general it was great.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and hopefully less wind. If I didn’t need to get labs Friday we could stay longer but I need them done as it’s already 5 weeks out.

If you look all the way down you can see our RV . The rest is all empty.

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