Friday things

I guess we’re never going to see blue skies this summer. It’s all hazy and smoke filled from the Caldor fire over near Placerville. That’s about an hour away from us over Hwy 49. The Eldorado National forest is all closed and many parts of the Pacific Crest trail is closed. What a summer.:(

I’m going in for my labs in about 45 minutes. I should have the important tests back by next Wednesday when I see my doctor. I guess it’s just a waiting game. I have a feeling that my remission is going to be short lived but who knows. It’s just a feeling.

I went to the farm stand yesterday and bought tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, radishes, lettuce( I was surprised by that), and local bread. It came to $31. I’m okay with paying more since it is all grown right there in the fields. They actually had some lugs of tomatoes out for $20. so I may do that next week.

Last night I made a NYT recipe for corn chowder. It was delicious.

The bread was the one I bought from our local baker. The jalapenos are from our garden and we do have tons. This weekend I’ll probably do 2 more jars of refrigerator jalapenos.

I don’t plan on any grocery shopping till next week or later. I need to write a list of what I want/need to get.

I plan on swimming tomorrow as normally I’d go today but with labs that’s not happening. After my labs we’re going to look at a truck. It’s becoming clearer that we will have to have a truck to pull the Rubicon. Things are pretty high priced but I saw some used under $30K. Expensive,but there’s not a lot of choice here. So we want to check out Toyota Tundras and Chevy Silverado’s. I think that will give us a good idea of what we’re after.

6 thoughts on “Friday things

  1. We just found a Chevrolet Silverado work truck, 2022 for $32,000. It comes with a tow package, too. But we dont’ live in California and I know your vehicle prices are higher. We had not planned on replacing our old truck for another two years. My husband retired and uses it to go to the compost pile weekly and the dump every month or two (we also pick up for friends and neighbors). And with an 8′ bed, he can pick up any supplies for anyone since we don’t have any big box stores in our small town. Well, it died at the city compost pile where he had taken several buckets of ground fall apples for the operator who uses them to feed deer. We had to have it trucked home on a flat bed and when they looked underneath, it had rusted so badly we realized it was not safe to drive. We went with new because used prices were within about two thousand of the new ones! Crazy. Hopefully the last truck we will ever buy.

    • Wow, that is an amazing price. anything new here runs in the 60K’s. I wonder why the difference. Or if I went to Reno to buy a truck, how hard would it be to get Ca specs?? I don’t know. It’s a mystery.

  2. I’ve been making pickled fridge jalapenos all summer. They peppers & chiles really love this weather. We planted a single serrano pepper plant, and it’s taken over a 5′ garden bed. I have hundreds of them, and they are fiery!

    • We have a ton too. I plan on making 6 pints to get thru the winter months. Since we didn’t get too many tomatoes, no salsa unless I buy a flat from the CSA farm.

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