Velcade, Round 4, shot #1

Here we are at the beginning of Round 4. It all went well and I was in and out in @ 20 minutes.

My daughter came along and afterwards we went to Green Acres Nursery. The parking lot was packed so I was a little unsure of how , it would be. It was busy but most stuff is all outside and ALMOST everyone had masks . A few with their noses hanging out, like dude, that doesn’t really do much if your nose is out!!!

Anyway we got the tomato starts she wanted and a bunch of herbs, a mock orange, which I’ve wanted for her garden forever, some other stuff like geraniums, plus a sun hat for me that has the UV protection. It was fun and nice to go out and do something.

This morning is Dex morning so I didn’t walk due to the shortness of breath and just general kinda out there feeling. I will resume tomorrow. It’s hard to miss a morning but I need to be flexible. I won’t be on Dex forever so now is the time to respect my body and do what I can. Plus, I don’t drive as your judgement can be off. Oh, and I don’t use sharp objects( ha Ha)…

I’m going to tidy up around, swish and swipe the bathroom, and work on a grocery list. B is going to do the shopping at Safeway and that should get us thru the weekend.

I am so excited that in 2 weeks we’ll be down at New Brighton. It will be so nice to use our old tent trailer again and just set up camp chairs and look at the ocean. Plus our favorite bakery in the world, Gayles, is high on our list of visiting( masked up of course).

That week, we get back on Thursday so I will get my Velcade shot on Friday. I didn’t want to skip the week, although I could have. I’d rather stay on schedule.

The garden shed is almost done and I’ll get some pictures on the blog. I think it will be a great addition. the yard is looking so pretty with all kinds of green and flowers. The wisteria is just getting ready to bloom too.

Tonight is my son’s night to cook so I need to check the freezer for something. My daughter did an outstanding BBQ chicken and tofu, and asparagus dinner last night on the Weber. She’s a better Weber cook than me as I usually (sort of) burn everything. It was perfect. She cut the tofu into little squares and then put BBQ sauce on. It was delicious.

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