Japanese simplicity

It’s no secret that I love most things Japanese. My daughter has a Japanese name. I actually tried to find one for my son, but nothing really fit him. So he ended up Zephyr which does fit him.

I love rice paper, tatami, japanese dishes etc. My house doesn’t really reflect that so much but the concept of simplicity , does. Also the functionality of many Japanese homes with built ins. I love the look of wood and the idea of Wabi Sabi. Probably it’s more ‘old’ Japan I love but it doesn’t matter really. Also being a lay Zen Buddhist for 10 years influenced me too. Practising breathe meditation, and trying to live by Buddhist principles.

Of course, all that is part of my past and now ,as an atheist, I can see the progression of how I evolved. Although, the interesting thing about Buddhism is that you’re not worshipping Buddha per se, but the Eightfold path or ideas to help live a more conscious life. Probably that’s what drew me to it in the first place.

So all that leads up to:

I just finished reading ” Simplicity at Home”by Yumiko Sekine who is the Founder of Fog Linen Work. Their linens are beautiful but somewhat expensive for me.

A really lovely book with lots of great ideas for caring for the home, using linen and many Japanese concepts. She goes through the seasons, which I like too and different ideas pertaining to each one. I am very much a seasonal person. I also adore linen. Ever since buying the linen sheets for the bed, I wouldn’t sleep on any else now. I like the crinkled look although sometimes I do a quick iron. I just bought some linen kitchen towels to try out. Usually, I just use Ikea’s towels which I do love since they are only .79 and I recycle them to rags once they are done. Last time I bought 10 and am now just putting them in the rag pile.

It’s not likely I’ll visit Japan but I can still use what is relevant to me in my small life.

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