Friday’s things…

This was the big day. I got my second vaccine. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!

Barclay got his yesterday and only had a sore arm so I’m hoping that’s all I get. I will report back though.

I ordered raspberries, asparagus,,blueberry plants from Johnny’s. I decided that we should have an asparagus patch after all this time. It will take a few years to produce but that’s ok. We have lots of golden raspberries but last year when I tried to make jam it just didn’t come out very well. Maybe too many seeds even after I strained them out and the flavor fresh was great but not so much as a jam.

This week I made the Mediterranean white bean soup again and man, it is so good.

Then I made a big batch of granola.

I also whipped a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t get a picture of them and now they are all gone.

Tonight is pizza night and we’re going to order out. I’m gonna leave it to my son to decide where he wants to get it. We don’t do take out very often so I’m okay with $30+ for pizzas although homemade is pennies on the dollar.

I need to do a shop in the next few days as we are out of a lot of things. I’m thinking Trader Joe’s as it’s been ages since we’ve been there.

Our neighbor( old Leo who’s 95) fell again in his house. His son was there so he called 911 but he did break his hip in 2 places. It’s unlikely he will come home again. We need to be ready with fencing along the driveway as once Leo is gone his son will put the house on the market. Our driveway is right along his property line and too close for us as we see his parking area( which is quite big). We are concerned that some ‘rednecks’ will buy it as it is not the greatest house or property. If we had the money we would buy it but sadly we don’t. Oh well.

I start my next round of Velcade next week. My doctor visit was good. He didn’t say anything about our ‘plan’ but there’s time yet. I figure this is round 3, so at least thru to round 4. All good.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s things…

  1. Congratulations on shot #2. Our state moved the guidelines and my husband and I, both between 60 and 65 qualify! I got on the phone and keyboard the moment you could register and we are getting our first shot next Saturday at a drive thru clinic. Our county has Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson so we will have to see what they have on hand that day. We are so excited.

    Gosh, all your dishes look so delicious. Our very close neighbor is in her late 80’s. We have been neighbors since 1978. We watched her kids grow up and she watched ours grow up. I can’t imagine living this close to anyone but her. We were hoping that one of her sons would buy the house when she passes, but I don’t think that will happen now. My husband is not crazy about the idea, but I don’t know how we can let someone else purchase the house. . . . I guess we will see.

  2. Yeah for getting your second vaccine shot! Fingers crossed that you get a new neighbor who wants to improve the property and be good neighbors. Your soup looks really delicious..

  3. I too am glad to hear about the #2 shot.
    Poor fellow, the one who fell. When you break your hip in a fall, it is the start of a new and last chapter of life. 😦

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