Friday things…

I’m using up the dex energy to paint trim and the french door in the bedroom. Most of it done. I’m planning on painting the window trim as well and got most of one window done. I’ll do the rest tomorrow.

I’ve got the pizza dough in the bowl doing a first rise and then I’ll put it in the fridge till later.

I’ve been very frustrated about not getting ANY camping spots at all. It seems everyone in the universe now want to go camping. I’m in reserve america at 6:55 am and clicking reserve right up to 7 when it opens up and POOF they are ALL gone. I’m guessing people with faster modems or computers are just beating my Mac. Well, we might not be getting to Tahoe again this summer except for day trips.

I did order the garden shed from Costco at $999. It will be at least 3-5 weeks before delivery so that’s into April I’m guessing. I think it will be most useful.

My labs came back AMAZING. Get this. After one round of Velcade my kappa light chains went from 660.6 to 45.6. Ratio went from 60.1 to 3.65. Even my Dr was impressed. So this cycle who know but it is good news that the myeloma cells do not like VELCADE!!! I know it probably won’t always be this hopeful but for now it is and that’s all we really have in the end anyway, is this day and this moment.

8 thoughts on “Friday things…

  1. Great test results! I can only imagine how many people want to book camping spots after a year of staying at home. Hope you can find some now or when people cancel later.

  2. Congrats on your awesome labs!
    I have been very unmotivated lately. Perhaps I need some steroids to get me moving!
    It is sunny today though, and that helps. Actually above freezing and snow is starting to melt. We are supposed to get rain on Sunday and temps around 40 most of next week. So, it’s starting to feel like spring.
    Take care

    • the labs were a bit of a shock really. The steroids do give energy for sure but in the long run, can cause more havoc and that’s why they don’t want you on them forever… still… Wow, 40 degrees is cold. I’m not sure I could ever get used to snow and cold ever again.

  3. So pleased for your good news about the treatment and at the same time so sorry that you have been squeezed out of a camping spot at your favourite place. Maybe things will settle down again. When we went up to Scotland last summer the place was overrun with people all discovering our normally quiet little backwater.

      • What a pity but then you can be confident you are not going to be in a hoard of people. I am wondering what the caravan site is going to be like near our cottage – usually there are only a handful of people in the vans at any one time so it is very quiet – I am expecting a lot busier this year.

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