Friday things

Well, let’s see. The week was dark and stormy( kidding … a reference to “Throw Momma from the Train”)! Actually it was pretty dark and stormy yesterday for the morning and then it lightened up by afternoon. Today it’s freezing this morning but sunny and should be a nice day with highs in the mid 50’s.

It was an okay week. I really felt depressed most of it but today I feel brighter.

I didn’t make bread this week so this morning I’m baking a couple of Tartine boules so that will give us some bread for toast or grilled cheese.

I only went to our Holiday market this week for a few things and I think I spent $45. I needed a gift card for our garbage guy and a holder and I bought an inexpensive bottle of Cabernet for him.

I also started writing out a list of projects for 2021 and where we could possibly go camping. Capitola for sure if the SB is open, Nevada Beach also. I’d like to get to Bodega to camp too. That’s usually booked way in advance since it’s right on the beach and all the big RVer’s want the spots. I might check that out today.

Last night I made a polenta lasagna and it was really good. I used the IP to make the polenta and then Rao’s sauce( which is in my opinion the best on the market.) Costco has the best deals on a 2 pack for about $10 something. Then I used grated mozzarella on top. We all liked it and I think because it was so easy, I’ll add to my menu rotation.

When I menu plan, I write up a menu for the whole month and then check off what I made. I also add in space for a new recipe so I can try something new. I also add in 2 nights of takeout. We already had the pizza this month so that leaves one left. Some months, especially with the pandemic, we didn’t do any take out at all.

Tonight is supposed to be pizza night but since we had that Italian polenta last night I’m going to bake the frozen nut loaf. I made some cranberry sauce from frozen cranberries and I’ll do some mashed potatoes and a veggie. that should do it.

5 thoughts on “Friday things

  1. We just made reservations to stay in Bodega Bay next August. Our first time there, and it sounds beautiful from what I’m reading. We booked a spot at an RV park because if I’m recalling correctly, the county parks are only allowing reservations 30 days in advance currently, due to pandemic, and we are trying to book our entire trip (12 weeks) fully in advance.

    I’m intrigued that you menu plan by the month. Do you have certain set meals you make regularly? Curious minds!

    I menu plan weekly, trying at least one new meal, sometimes two, each week to keep myself excited about cooking. I have several cookbooks and magazines I can trust to deliver, so very rarely are we disappointed. When I stray, though, yes, definitely a few clunkers have occured.

    • We love Bodega and would go at least 2x a year when our kids were young. It’s only 3 1/2 hours from our house so not a super long trip. These days reservations are tough though. Back in the day, we would just pack up our VW bus and head over sans reservations. I guess we were always lucky and found a place to camp. Now, I wouldn’t go anywhere without a reservation.

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