Bread making continues…

Even though temperatures are in the high 80’s, it is fall.

I think this is the warmest October I can ever remember here. Still, I’m back into bread making. Bread making is definitely an art form, and in the summer when I don’t make any, I have to get the feel for it all over again by fall.

I’ve been feeding my sourdough starter quite diligently sna it’s doing great. i probably have too many jars going as the counter is often filled with jars in different stages of bubbling. It looks a bit like a science experiment.

This in the jars just fed, so it will double in size.

This is the rye starter.

Yesterday, I made a sourdough sandwich loaf. It didn’t rise as much as I would have liked but it is a softer bread( the crumb that is). It has milk in it which will always make a softer bread.

My favorite so far is the sourdough rye. It is dense and just delicious. Today I’m going to experiment with a no knead sourdough rye. we’ll see??

Yesterday for Sunday breakfast I made sourdough banana pancakes with discard. For some reason, I’m loathe to toss the discard after you do another feed. It just seems wasteful. Besides pancakes, I found lots of recipes like biscuits, and pumpkin bread so I’m definitely going to try and use some of the discard in other recipes.

Today I’m going in to the bank to get the print out of our payment to UHC so LLS can reimburse me.

Today was our no walk day. We had a confrontation yesterday with dog walker. He doesn’t use a flashlight and with no moon it is dark. We try very hard to get out of his way but when he comes around behind us, I shine the flashlight on him. Well, yesterday he flipped out. I think he was partially right that I didn’t need to shine it on him but it does let us see where he is. Anyway, it wasn’t nice. So tomorrow we are going to walk in the opposite direction so we can see him coming. Not sure if that will help but I’ll try. I think we need to try and say good morning although in the past when we have, he just ignores us so not sure about that. I did apologize for shining the flashlight at him but he didn’t seem to want to let it go. It’s an unfortunate series of events because we like being there early and in our almost 9 years of walking in the park we have never had a belligerent person. So this is kinda new and I’m not sure how we will approach it. We could time arriving when he leaves but I actually don’t know that since we only walk for 40 minutes and he does at least an hour so????

Any ideas?? walk later? earlier? ( that would be a stretch since we start at 5:15am. oh well, it was/is depressing.

Unfortunately, there are no other paved trails around us. The closest would be down in Folsom and that’s 40 minutes away.

4 thoughts on “Bread making continues…

  1. I’d walk later to avoid this stressor. Walking and fresh air should reduce stress so just avoid him. But I tend to take the cop out way because I hate confrontation. If you wanted to try to patch the situation you could try to be there as he finished (I hate when I have to stop in the middle of a walk) and say something like, “Not sure how this has happened, but we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot and we’d like to start over.” Maybe he works and doesn’t have an option of the time. Maybe he’s focused on pace and doesn’t get that he’s coming up on you too fast.

    • I like the idea of walking later so as to avoid him. He is focused but on the other hand, it is dangerous to walk without any flashlight at that time of the morning. well, I guess we’ll see tomorrow.:(

  2. I don’t understand why he was upset with shining the light at him. People are so irritable lately.
    Walking the other direction is a good idea. Or go for your walk a bit later.
    I have never baked bread in my life. Well, banana bread and such, but not the same thing. There is something about bread baking that intimidates me. As you said, it’s an art. I bet it smells heavenly.
    Take care

    • There may be more to it with him. I’m not sure why he reacted especially since we have at least three times said, please say ‘on your left’ coming up behind us. it’s quite unnerving when it’s dark and he suddenly storms by. I’m leaning toward going later so maybe tomorrow. Today we were almost done by the time he showed up so on the way home I said to Barclay” If he wants his ‘peace and quiet”( his words) why doesn’t he just time coming right after us. We are very predictable about our time there while he is not. Some days he’s there 5:20, and like today it was 5:40. We only walk 30-40minutes, so if he knows that( which I think he would) just time it to get there at 5:45.

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