Keeping on…

Things are still in lockdown in California, for which I am grateful. Gov. Newsome is doing a great job of keeping ahead of things with basically shutting everything down. I honestly don’t get the Trumpers hating him so much when all he is doing is trying to take care of California. The negative comments on the local the newsfeed on Facebook are nuts.  Crazy!!

Since I’m an introvert and don’t go out to movies or things often it hasn’t bothered me to be home except maybe going out for coffee.

The park has posted signs to walk 6 feet apart and the playground is now taped off. I’m guessing the park is getting overwhelmed with people trying to just get outside. Since we walk early there is only the new dog walker guy and he walks very fast and not near us. He’s been coming for about a month now. Many people over the 8 years I’ve walked there have come and go. It changes with the seasons too. Lots more people as the weather gets nice. So we always start backing it up and going earlier. In summer even 5am is not too early.

I made some more oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday and they are almost gone today. Humm…rationing  next??  We had fun individual pizzas last night although my son said each person was supposed to top their own. I did it because nobody was coming in to do it.

Tonight I’m making some chicken tenders with pasta on the side. I  think I even have some Quorn chicken tenders for B. I don’t have any salad stuff but I do have chard in the garden I can use.  Oh, BTW, Amazon prime has Julia Child’s the French cook original on and it is so fun to watch. It’s in black and white which is too bad since you can’t’ see the browning and sauteing she describes. I’ve actually learned a thing or two and I wonder how much I saw originally as her style of cooking is similar to mine although she is maybe a little more strict. Anyway, check it out as it’s fun.

I haven’t really started any projects except working on notes for a “prepper” pantry. I was trying to move away from stockpiling but now, no way.  If anything I’m going full throttle. Yesterday, I ordered from Mountain house which does freeze-dried stuff.  They didn’t have the #10 cans I wanted( all sold out) but they did have some servings of 2-3 available. I bought some to try and of course, they really last forever probably.  I’ll give an update when they arrive. Also, I’ve ordered from Costco, but they are sold out on most things and some they are not shipping to my zip code right now. I wanted a case of Rosarita’s beans but that’s not available as of yet. I’ll do a write up down the road when I get it together.

I need to schedule my labs for next week or maybe the following week. I don’t see Dr. Laptalo till the end of April and even then if things are only the same( my numbers going up but still not starting treatment), I’ll ask to just pass on seeing him physically.

BTW, Finnie seems to be doing better and eating a little more. I’m still not sure how long he will last but at least there has been an improvement.

Oh, and I think we are going to get some chicks as we know we’re not going traveling anytime soon so we will be home to take care of them.  I may order online so as to avoid the feed store though.

Well, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.


4 thoughts on “Keeping on…

  1. Hello from Michigan…
    It seems Trump doesn’t like our Governor. So, have to wonder if it’s up to Trump, will we get the supplies and ventilators our state needs?
    So far, there are only 6 cases in our county. I’m quite a homebody too so I don’t mind staying home, but I do miss my knitting group that meets weekly. We are keeping in touch on FB.
    I worry about my husband working part time at a gas station, but he enjoys getting out and won’t consider not working. He is very careful though.
    I am trying to get out and walk, and drive by Lake Michigan occasionally. It’s just starting to get nice enough to get out and do some yard work.
    I would love to have chickens…we’ve talked about it. Our new neighbor has alot of chickens and he gives us 3 or 4 dozen a month so I guess we really don’t need our own. He also gives some away to our local homeless shelter.
    Anyway, I’m glad you are doing ok. Sending good vibes for good numbers for your labs.
    Take care.

    • Hello to you too and glad all is well. I would worry too about working in a gas station but if he does the wiping thing, hopefully, he’s ok. I checked yesterday for our county and it’s 41 cases and 1 death. The death was the older guy who was on that cruise to Mexico. Still, it’s very scary. I think if my neighbors had chickens and gave me eggs, I wouldn’t bother. Our pen is such that they need to be let out mornings and closed up at night so you have to be here or someone does. I’d like to walk from the house down to the park @ 3/4 mile but haven’t done that yet. Maybe soon. People have been swarming to the trails around here so I definitely Wouldn’t do that. I was thinking of going for a drive too but they don’t want people to go to other areas. Although just driving a scenic route would be a nice change.
      Take care on your end,

    • Hi Juhli, I’m glad it’s early as it seems during the day areas around here are getting way too many people. I just read a story in the WP about the coastal towns in Oregon being overrun with outsiders. I mean people do not get it. This is a pandemic. Don’t invade these small towns like Manzanita, Oregon which happens to be a town I loved when we traveled thru. Are you seeing that in S. Cal since you are near the beach?

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