Like an episode of ‘Survivors’

If you’ve never seen the BBC show ‘Survivors,’ you should. It’s a group of people that find each other after a pandemic that has wiped out almost everyone. They are all very different and the story is interesting.  But this morning the one scene I’m remembering is when some of them go out to find any grocery store to get stuff. Well, my son and daughter drove out to go to Grocery Outlet this morning. It was weird. I said be careful, wear your mask, don’t talk to anyone….. slightly paranoid right?  I hope they make it back.  ( Just kidding):)

We did a nice walk and no one was there this morning. I have to say reading the WP about people going to NParks and the beaches just totally gets me upset. What is wrong with people? This is a pandemic, not a time to invade coastal towns so you can walk on the beach.

This week Flylady has 2 zones the Living room, and then the entryway. Both are relatively easy for me and I’ll do the LR zone this morning. I did get my beeswax candle order. Yes, it is a necessity as I light these every night. The order is 4 pairs for $40. I also got a Thai soup order( sort of like ramen). My daughter and I both like ramen for breakfast so this will be nice.

I think my Costco order for laundry soap is supposed to show up tomorrow. Definitely not 2-day shipping but more like 7 days out. Still, I will need laundry soap so we’ll be set.

Barclay is outside doing a burn pile of leaves and twigs so that should keep him busy for a while. Plus it is nice to get those outside chores done.

2 thoughts on “Like an episode of ‘Survivors’

  1. The whole grocery thing is my biggest anxiety!
    I am not so worried about getting the virus, I am worried about whether there will be TP. It is still very scarce around here. I just don’t understand people. The last time I shopped I waited for almost 30 minutes to check out. It was crazy. I don’t need anything for a couple weeks.
    My daughter went for some things today and called to see if we needed anything…so I told her if there’s TP get me some. She got me a big 18 roll package so I guess I’m set for awhile.
    Just now, Trump is on TV and announced continued social distancing til end of April. That is no surprise. I guess I’m not having our usual Easter family dinner. We always do an Easter egg hunt for our granddaughters so I’m not planning that either.
    It is raining today but the weather is getting warmer (like 50s) and feels like spring. Looking forward to getting out and doing yard work.
    I know this will pass. I just hope that Trump continues to listen to Dr Fauci and the others.
    Stay well.

  2. I recently heard a meme along the line: ‘when we vote in a celebrity for president we shouldn’t be surprised the nation becomes a reality survivor type show’

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