Friday stuff…

Well, it’s Friday.  It seems like it’s been a weird week with Super Tuesday and then with all the Covid-19 stuff going on.  Maybe I’m just feeling off by it all. I kind of feel unmotivated and not doing much. Yesterday I didn’t even go to the gym. I just didn’t feel inspired.  I picked up a prescription for my daughter and then went to Goodwill.  I found a few cookbooks and a white t-shirt.

I don’t think I’m going to the gym today either. Fridays are super busy in there so… germs?

This was not a frugal week with the stockpiling shop we did but I do feel good about it. We rarely waste food and what’s in the pantry will last. If we do have a 14-day quarantine we would be fine. One thing I think I’m going to go get though is evaporated milk. Maybe some powdered milk too. I don’t drink milk but I like cream in my coffee. So it might be good to have some on hand. Milk freezes fine so I will get a few quarts to freeze. I just googled can you freeze heavy cream and even David Lebowitz said “YES”. So, I’ll get some heavy cream to freeze too. He did say shake it well though and defrost in the fridge.

It’s pizza night!


7 thoughts on “Friday stuff…

  1. I’m in a funk, too. I just want this virus gone, but I know that’s naive. I’ve been avoiding the gym. I wondered about wearing my swimsuit under my clothes and then going straight to the pool — bypassing the locker room completely. But then I’d have to drive home wet.

    • I’m hoping the ‘funk’ leaves soon. I ‘m going to the gym either today or tomorrow. Sunday is always a low member day so that works. I think I will skip MWF as those are the busiest days.

  2. It has been a weird week and staying away from the gym is probably wise. Can you exercise at home? I suspect walks are still ok.

    We just had notice of the first confirmed case of Covid-9 in our county and the person had been on the same cruise as the person who died in N. Cal. 6 other people on the same cruise have been out in the world in our county since disembarking with no idea that they might be contagious. They aren’t even going to try to identify their contacts as it would be so vast. Sigh.

    We stocked up some too, talked to our son who has a 3 year old and 2 career household in N. Cal. They are expecting day care to close and having to work from home somehow and take care of her at the same time. Sigh.

    But our leaking window panes have been replace. Yeah.

    • Yes, it seems it is hitting everywhere. The ship off SF is a concern but I just read they were going to move it to a another port. We walk in the park and there’s no one there usually except one or two regulars. I do have weights at home but it’s not the same as using the machines. I guess we’ll just have to minimize going out.

  3. Gym attendance seems to be dropping in these parts. I don’t know if people are spooked about contagion or they are unhappy with all the ‘new improvements’ which nobody seems happy with.

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