Stockpiling for the Covid-19 virus.

So after some discussion, we decided to do a major pantry stockpile in case there is a shut down around here.

I’m already freaking out that at UCD med center there are dozens of health care workers home and in self-quarantine.  Barclay has a clinic appt next week and I’m thinking he should cancel. I’ll have him call to check. If I drive him, I plan to sit in the car or outside and wait for him.

So first we went to Winco and bought an assortment of canned goods like beans and salsas. Then I got 5 boxes of pasta as a backup plus some canned tomatoes. We tried to get hand sanitizer but it’s sold out everywhere. We did buy a gallon of bleach just in case.

Then we headed into Costco and Toilet paper was completely gone and so were any hand sanitizers.  We were able to get Kirkland wipes though so that was good. We picked up 2 bags of coffee and other assorted things.  As we were leaving the parking lot was packed with people pouring into the store. It was a little scary to see that many people stockpiling( hoarding maybe).

We spent my whole food budget for the month so all I will have to get is fresh stuff as needed.

This outbreak is very scary especially for people like us that have health issues.  We plan on staying away from Costco etc for a while. I had planned an Ikea trip for my new pantry but that’s on hold now.

Today is vote day and unfortunately, my vote for Buttigleg is wasted so to speak. I mailed in my ballot 2 weeks ago so there’s no re-voting. Oh well, it’ll be down to the final vote in November.  Anyone but Trump. He is destroying this country.  I’m not sure about Sanders as he is pretty extreme too but as I said, anyone but Trump!

We had a super scary racist incident right here in our little town. Actually up the road near Weimar which is maybe 3 miles away.  A pickup stopped in the middle of the road and 2 white men jumped out and began assaulting a Mexican tree crew that was trimming trees.  How is this blatant racism NOT a result of Trump speaking in racist terms about Mexicans and just about anyone not White!!! I am horrified at this kind of behavior that has clearly been escalating since Trump does it.  Fortunately, the 2 were arrested later and it turned out it was a father and his 25-year-old son.  Is that crazy or what?

13 thoughts on “Stockpiling for the Covid-19 virus.

  1. I think it’s a good idea for you guys to stock up. My hubby and I aren’t terribly worried as we are quite healthy…our only risk factor is our age.
    I am going shopping today. I hope I will be able to find hand sanitizer and wipes. It hasn’t hit Michigan yet as far as I know.
    Michigan has a primary next Tues. I was planning to vote for Buttigieg…bummer.
    Not sure what I’m going to do now. I did read that in Mich if you voted absentee for a candidate that dropped out you can revote.
    I agree…we will vote blue no matter who.

    • Hi Marilyn! I think I read that too about Michigan but not California. I checked. I just read about making your own hand sanitizer and it seems easy enough. Rubbing alcohol and aloe vera, so Imay try that.

  2. My common sense says go with Biden as a moderate to try to unify the country, but apparently some people don’t vote unless they are excited about the candidate, so Sanders???? Just anyone but Trump.

    I’m going to a film festival this coming weekend. I’ll do lots of hand washing and try to not touch my face.

    • Your pantry is so great. I showed my husband how creative it was even!!! This was really a big stock up that’s for sure. Still can’t find any sanitizer but I read you can make your own with alcohol and aloe vera.

  3. I am also in the Midwest … shopping is pretty normal here but no hand sanitizer. I have been stocking up over the past two weeks… just making sure we have things like fem products, canned fruit, electrolyte drink, and foods that would be appealing if one of us would be sick.. like chicken and rice soup.
    I cancelled an allergy/asthma appt this week. I’m healthy and I want to avoid the waiting room she shares with about 10 primary care doctors.

    • Hi Miles, Yes, the first death from this was actually a Placer county man. That’s the county I live in. He was transported down to Roseville and I think that’s where he died. He had been on a cruise from SF to Mexico. It is quite freaky. I think I’ll have Barclay call the clinic and see what they say. He does need his port flushed but other than that it’s just a clinic visit.

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