Random thoughts and other things…

I wonder why some people stop blogging. I follow some great bloggers in the UK and in Wales. When I clicked on the blogs they follow most of them no longer blog. They seemed quite successful and nicely laid out so one wonders did a life event or spam stop them cold in their tracks.  I think blogs evolve because you change and so does your world. Children grow up, some people have illnesses, etc. Anyway, just some random thinking.

Yesterday, I made it to the gym and it was not crazy busy but still somewhat busy. The 10am slot must be the busiest since most people are out and about plus there are 2 classes still going on at that time. I like to go around 10:15 am but I may bump it out to 11 am as most people are leaving then. ( another random thought)

Today I’m home doing some house things and cooking. I have 12 large potatoes in the oven to make double stuffed potatoes. This will make about 9 halves that I can freeze for easy dinners. Then later I plan on making a turkey roast and will have one or two of the baked potatoes with that. Earlier this week I made Maine Baked beans from Mavis over at 100 dollars a month

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the recipe again so maybe it’s in an old post.


Basically, you have to soak the navy beans overnight and then cook for an hour or two before putting in the oven. I only did an hour and it really did need another one. But then you bake in a dutch oven for @ 6 hours. It really was delicious. It’s not an easy on the table meal but great for a rainy weekend. I like her recipe since it didn’t add bacon which the veggie can’t have. But I added Adelle’s chicken sausage on the side.



Tomorrow I have the jury deliberations. I’m on the fence with it so I guess I’ll hear what other people say. I hope we’re out by noon.

other random things…

I checked the Cobra and the medical was canceled so that’s good. I still need to call and find out how we get a card so we can use the Vision and Dental?? Always something to call and check on.

We also made the decision to postpone Yosemite with the Norovirus so maybe we’ll try again in March.

5 thoughts on “Random thoughts and other things…

  1. I didn’t know you could freeze potatoes. I always heard that they formed crystals and went mushy? How do yours taste after thawing?

    • They are fine. First I bake them and then I take the potato out of the jacket, add lots of butter and shredded cheese. Then I restuff one half of the jacket but I pile it high. That’s why if you bake say 12 you’ll get maybe 9 very stuffed potatoes.

      They are great for an easy dinner.

  2. I’ve been blogging for 12 years. In that time I’ve had a fair number of people who commented on a regular basis whose blogs went dark. I’ve always wondered what happened to them.

    • Yes, many have gone by the wayside. Also, there are some ( I won’t name names, that have changed their blog titles so many times it makes you dizzy. I guess she’s looking for a niche and to make some money. Oh well, to each their own.

  3. This is a sad and sore subject for me. I know blogging is a hobby and no one ‘has to’ explain why they are stopping. However I think it good manners to one’s readers to make a simple announcement ‘I am done” so people aren’t hanging whether this is pause or end. An explanation would be nice – even a “this no longer is important to me”.

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