Midweek musings

OMG, it is still raining!!! And I 80 is closed again!!

My daughter left Truckee at 2pm, the freeway was already closed but she was able to convince them to let her thru. So today, who knows. It’s still closed and it’s supposed to snow all day up there. The forecast is rain, rain, showers, cloudy for like the next 2 weeks. I’m convinced this is global warming changing our weather patterns.  I can only think of a handful of times since we moved here in 1975, that there is this much continued non-stop weather.

Today B has a blood transfusion but his platelets are ok. So that makes this day 17 for the blood transfusion so that is a big win!! Hopefully, the next chemo cycle does it even better.

So I’mgoingto drop him off and then go to the gym since the blood takes a minimum of 5 hours. Then I’ll come home and do some chores. If my daughter is home, which I’m expecting with the way the freeway looked, she can go pick him up @ 2:30 or 3.

I think we will be hearing soon on whether his one brother is a match. Maybe early next week. But I think they are already looking in the National donor bank as well.  Since we see the transplant doctor in March, I suspect he will have a plan in place.

All the budget stuff is in a good place. With the SDI checks, we are able to pay the months bills. Since his form from his HR says May is his back to work date( which is totally not happening) we will need to resubmit something but I’m not sure what.  I’m guessing HR will need to put in another date.

Has anyone done that? and how do you update EDD.??? I guess we’ll bumble thru since we’ve gotten this far but I’m not even sure how we did.

I’m still planning the Medicare but haven’t even called the insurance companies yet for pricing. Maybe Friday I can do that.  My target date is June 1st. But of course, it needs to be all in by then and ready to go.

Dinner is unknown.



2 thoughts on “Midweek musings

  1. From my experience in and Jersey. Agter the initial 3 months are over, your doctor will hqve to write a note indicating that your disability/ leave will continue. My physician indicated another 3 months and also inknon if able to return to work in the near futur. This info went to HR. After the initial 3 months were over, I was given info about paying for health insurance via COBRA which I did chose to take.I was sent, via email, a 3-4 question form to submit regarding if I was back to .org or still out. After that was submitted, I got another email with account info to get to doctor to submit via email. This was minimal for them to submit and took very little time. This was done each month I was out ( up to the total of 6 months). If there was a gap in getting money, it was made up with your n still pay. You will also get some information in the mail, hard copy, regarding your start date, how much you I’ll get……on this form should be a 800 numb r that you can call to get a recording about how much your benefit will be, when next papymwt is ( I had a d lay of 2-3 days from hen said available and when the money cleared through the /and and made it to my debit card) also through the 800 number you can speak it’s customer service person but here, the lines can be hard to get through on. I have gone through this and hqve just given my physician the papers to complete to see if I qualify for disability on the policy I have paid on for 42 years. After they submit and I submit m.y part there are forms and I and HR complete together and then HR submits to the insurance carrier. I think I will uplift but if not, I will continue to pay COBRA and then decide when I will start taking my pension and SS…I think there is a lot of paperwork so that you give up on it and they hop that you do not hqve to get paid after working and paying into the system for many years. Keep track of all call versations, fax and keep all forms, so you have a referenc to refer back to. Hopefully it will all work out for you.

    • Thanks for all that info. The SDI in California requires the doctor to fill out the forms first. So initially that is done. NOw for us it’s after the date HR put in for the FMLA ( family medical leave). So that’s what needs to be changed in May well, probably April.

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