Friday Stuff…

Things are definitely looking up.

We got a hold of SDI (EDD) again and it was like oh, sure, the dates are fine and we’ll mail out the debit card that has the benefits. So what ended up happening is they needed the date that UNFI was putting him on FML. So that was Jan 7. We will still need to use some PTO to cover the benefits and when that runs out which it will, we will have to pay with a check or whatever.  I’m hoping that doesn’t happen at least for 12 weeks so we can get ready. But at least we are on our way.

Then B had a great day yesterday, very energetic so I’m hoping the labs tomorrow are promising. We will see.

Then we will need to set up some payments for the medical co-pays coming in. So far the first is $1400. I’ve decided to start a Go fund me for him to help us with bills and ALL the stuff that comes with chemo and when the transplant happens, that will be a lot of things, extra gas to get to Sacramento, food, lodging, and the list goes on. So we will see.  I’m not sure how GoFund Me works so that will have to be figured out. When I looked at the page, it didn’t look so bad.  I will link it when I get it done if anyone in the cyber world wants to donate.

The weather is quite nice and this weekend looks lovely with temperatures at almost 70 degrees.

Dinner is homemade pizza and a salad. IMG_0466

In a healthier time at Santa Barbara. His job was given to one of his co-workers. I’m definitely sad about it, but Barclay’s health is more important. And the next year will be tough and there’s no way he can do that job. Legally, they need to keep it for him while he is on Family Leave but that’s only for the 12 weeks. So what can you do? It is what it is.


7 thoughts on “Friday Stuff…

  1. If your husband is a military veteran, he may want to look into VA benefits. If you are a veteran, that would apply to you as well.

  2. Regarding FMLA. Health insurance coverage should continue for the near 3 months. He should get some money from your state ,Every 2 weeks. After the 3 months, you can pay into COBRA or look into the ACA for health insurance. YOu should continue getting money every 2 weeks for 6 months ( this is short term insurance ). There are monthly updates that need to be completed electronically , by your physician, after the initial hard copy paperwork is completed. After the initial 6 months, you need to apply for long term insurance. Lots of paperwork, but worth it to get money so you that you have paid into. I am just starting the process for long term. You need to take the lead so that all information is correct in the paperwork that your physician will submit. The more information and specifics, the better for you…..this is here the decision Will be made and you need to check out what Info is sent in prior to being submitted by physician. The medical offices are overwhelmed in paperwork also and usually have low paid staff complete paperwork that means really nothing to them and everything to you. Most likely not don by a physician themselves, also due to time constraint and trying to see patients, etc. and this is just something added to the mix. Again……you need to take the lead and you will have the best chance of meeting all requirements.

    • Do you know how long the long term disability goes.? Since he just got approved for the short term, we’re thrilled. The FMLA is 3 months and it states on his SDI it goes to May. But we don’t even know if he’ll be in transplant but I’m guessing that if all goes as lined out, 2 more cycles of chemo and then in for transplant.

      • If you qualify for LT, it will pay approx 60% or 2/3 of salary that was current prior to disability until you reach your full retirement age which is usually around 66 and however many months. That is the information I have been given in my state and I am in the beginning process of applying.

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