No Results yet…

So we are incredibly disappointed by the non results. B got a call from the nurse at 4:30 yesterday with the news that the biopsy sample was inadequate. WTF???? The doctor said it was a good marrow sample. So now we’re in limbo again till something else is scheduled.

He will go in for another transfusion as his platelets are very low. So as long as this can stabilize him till the next appt. Right now we have a pretty good idea that it’s MDS but without a biopsy confirming it’s still unknown.

He’s worked from home most of this week so at least that’s good. Next week will be the same as he shouldn’t go out in crowds too much. We might try and go out for a coffee date but we’ll see.

We did go to Trader Joes and did a huge grocery shop so that will last at least 2 weeks.  A few things we bought that we’re fun is their Candy Cane green tea! Go get some!!! It was delicious. Plus I did get some frozen meal items to make some evenings just a little easier.

Sunday night is the first night of Hanukkah. I plan on making latkes and using my homemade applesauce.  Of course, we are not Jewish, but any excuse to have candles is ok by me.

It’s a rainy Saturday and a snowy one in the Sierras. My daughter is driving up today and I suspect it will take a while. She got home fine last night without any delay.

I think I’m making Breakfast for dinner but not sure.

3 thoughts on “No Results yet…

  1. Waiting is so hard. So, sounds like he needs another biopsy…I’d be pretty upset by that.
    It really makes me wonder why you both developed similar issues. I’m sure you have too. Exposure to pesticides, or something? Anyway, it really sucks. Know I am thinking of you both…lots of good vibes coming your way.

    • Yes, it will mean another one which sucks. All we can think of is someone screwed up. The doctor specifically said ‘good sample’. we have thought of a million things as to why both of us would have this in the blood cancer group but really it’s a guessing game. Was it lead paint?? was it something in the water?? I don’t think we’ll ever know. What causes me some distress is thinking about our 2 children. Will they have something down the road.?? I suppose we’ll be gone by the but still it bothers me.

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