My new legal name…

Well, I’m officially my new name which is my 3rd name of my old name. Are you confused? So Christina is my 3rd listed name on my birth certificate. I have only ever used that name. But my request to NYC records ended in it being sent back as Aurora is my first name on my birth certificate and I have NOTING that ever lists that except my marriage certificate which they would not accept. So 4 months later I have legally changed from Aurora to Christina.

It actually went very smoothly and the judge just granted the request. There were no questions. So the next phase is requesting the records be changed in NYC. I’m hoping for the best but we shall see if it gets kicked back again or not.

In other news, not so good. My husband had some blood work done and there are some problems. Serious problems so I may be off posting for a while till we get him in to see a specialist. I have a lot of anxiety with these things but I’ve been down the rabbit hole before and all we can do is wait till we know more.


6 thoughts on “My new legal name…

  1. Well, hooray for the name change thing!
    I’m so sorry you are dealing with health issues for your hubby. Know I am thinking of you guys and sending prayers and good vibes.

  2. My wife has had all kinds of problems with her name — she uses her middle name, and has had three marriages. So I’m glad you’re getting your sorted out. Hope all goes well with your husband.

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