I was getting ready to leave the house when my phone rang and it was the podiatrist office canceling. WTF???

Don’t these doctors work???

So now I need to change my schedule. They wanted me to come at 2pm and I said no, I’m not driving to Roseville when it’s 100 degrees out at 2 in the afternoon.

Anyway, this is so frustrating and I’m going to complain to someone at Sutter.

I then decided to go buy new Arizona soft bed Birkenstocks as it is one of the few shoes I can wear.  My last pair were very worn down and with my feet issues, I figured I’d better go spend the $100 plus for good shoes. I did check out Vionics and they looked good  online but when I saw them at the store they were very lightweight and didn’t feel like they would hold my foot.  So I’m glad to have a new pair and they are very supportive. Does anyone have any other suggestions for orthopedic type shoes?? The guy in the store was not helpful at all. But he did say that a store down the street did do inserts so I stopped in, but they were closed. I will go back later this week I think.

Dinner is a new recipe: Berkeley burger which is beets, brown rice, eggs as a binder, horseradish and some other things. I’ll let you know how it is.

4 thoughts on “Monday….

  1. I have had luck with new balance and Propet sandals with orthotics, Recently my husbands podiatrist told us if you can bend a shoe in half you shouldn’t put your foot in it it so we went to get him a new pair of sturdy shoes and the brands he chose that didn’t bend were some new balance and rock port! Hope this helps love your blog!

    • Oh my, thank you. I use to wear new balance and did like them. I havent ​heard ofPropet sandals. So far the soft bed Birkies feel really good. But I still need a pair of walking shoes (ha ha, when I can go walking again:( …

  2. Hi Christine, comfortable shoes are a biggie! My husband has leg/foot issues, and I found comfortable old man Frankenstein shoes for him lol. Not what you would want, but I’m glad to read your suggestions and above for him. Hadn’t thought of Birkenstocks! Love your simplifying picture. I’m going thru cabinets and my dining room table looks like a vintage sale. So much STUFF we all accumulate from things passed from family members, gifts, etc. I tell everyone, please don’t buy us anything, give us anything, etc. Gifts are lovely, but, it’s so refreshing to have Less is More! Glad MM is staying away from you, and I hope your Podiatry issues get better! Julie :))

  3. Hi there Julie. Good to hear from you!!!! I go this month for labs, so fingers crossed. This foot issue has been difficult for me. I guess it’s always hard to discover what we can and can’t do with our bodies as we get older.
    I think there’s a lot of emotional stuff tied into this as I started walking seriously about the time I relapsed. So I walked in spite of treatments and all the side effects that go with it. It’s hard for me to not cry about it as it has given me so much focus plus the health part of walking every day. But life does go on and I will find a way through.

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