Simple cleaning, the bathroom.

We have a very small bathroom. It’s 6×6. Yes, quite small for 4 people although my son is generally not here a lot.  When they were younger it was maybe more challenging.

But using FlyLady’s swish and swipe daily, cleaning is a breeze.  So here’s the cute hack I just came across. You take a toilet brush and set it in a bowl with some bleach, water and I use a little Dawn. You probably could easily use vinegar which I do use for most of my cleaning. But somehow bleach is needed for a few things( like to spray diluted on my shower curtains).


This is the cute one I found at Goodwill.


I bought a new toilet brush too.IMG_1287.jpg



I think this is so cute. So once a day I take out the brush and swish the toilet. I also swipe our pedestal sink and little shelf above the sink. We actually have a clawfoot tub in the bathroom ( yes it does fit) and a shower ring that is made specifically for a clawfoot tub. I do use Kirkland wipes on the floor most days but they’ve been out of stock so I will use a rag washcloth with some vinegar solution.

I also buy the hotel white towels from Costco and use them exclusively.  The washcloths are 24 for like $10 or 12 dollars, so that’s a great deal.

I think having routines creates a simple efficient way to keep your house tidy. Of course, it does help to have a small house like I do. but I think even with a house with multiple bathrooms do a quick daily swish and swipe would help maintain.

When in the Flylady bathroom zone, I then wipe all the shelves and tops of pictures etc.


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