Simple Sunday

Finally, we’re getting some sunshine. We need it to dry things up some. Of course, 4 months from now we’ll all want some rain. But I am looking forward to a warm and sunny week.

The meeting the half-sister and her husband went well. They are nice people. They have traveled quite extensively so that was interesting. I still don’t feel any warm and fuzzy feelings but I’ m like that so maybe it’s just me. She had a privileged upbringing which is certainly more than I can say about ours. I guess it was Gov. Chris Christie that opened adoption papers after 50 years in NJ and that’s how she started looking.

I doubt I will go out of my normal ‘Hi and how are you’ with her but she is nice as I said. I’m sure when I fly back east, she’ll come up to Connecticut to visit.

I still haven’t decided when to go but maybe June?

I went to the gym and then to Goodwill and found some Legos for my daughters’ Library program. Plus a couple of nice T-shirts for me that were probably new without tags. I also picked up a Moosewood cookbook for a little inspiration.

Dinner is something with potatoes as I have a bag I got at Costco and maybe some chicken/tofu.

Well, I’m going to do my Yoga and then take a nap!!!


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