Stem Cell Transplant 12 year -new birthday!!

It was a rainy day Feb 28, 2006, when I was admitted to Sutter Memorial Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant unit. It was a small unit of only 6 rooms.  Each patient is in isolation because of having little to no immune system working. Every day, a cleaner came in and did the entire room top to bottom. The nurses were the kindest and very experienced in their field. It takes a special person to be that nurse.

I can’t exactly remember but I think I was given the Melphalan that day, and then the stem cells are given either the next day or the day after.  It’s the Melphalan that does you in as it kills everything along with the hope it’s killing the cancer cells.  Then it’s the stem cells that actually rebuild your immune system and white blood cells. But first, you go thru white blood count dropping to close to zero, plasma transfusions as your red blood count is so low, horrible diarrhea, and on and on.

12 years ago today. I’m one of the lucky ones as my SCT did work and I had 4 years of remission.

But it was singularly the worst experience of my life. Yet, I’m grateful for the medicine, my doctors and transplant specialist, nurses and of course my family. They got me through.

So Happy New birthday to me.

2 thoughts on “Stem Cell Transplant 12 year -new birthday!!

  1. WOW Christina!!! 12 years!!! You’re a Legend!! Honored to know you :)) Congrats on your 12 year anniversary! So amazing how myeloma morphs so differently for all of us. I’m on year 8 now, so you’re 4 years ahead of me. Gives me extra hope to be your “little sister” tailgating you :)) 12 years is truly remarkable, plus your remission success, and your treatment status of no meds now??? Feb 28 is also the 1 year of my first Darzalex infusion. So happy for your good health, and as I recall, you’re not on any myeloma meds now?? Post your 12 year anniversary good news, and treatment status on my Feb 28 blog post so my readers can celebrate you too, and also know your amazing story of 12 years!! Congrats on all good things in your life! So happy for you Christina!! xoxo Julie

    • Hi Julie, It is so interesting how this cancer affects different people. you’re right, I’m not on any drugs right now except Acyclovir. Actually, I’m 13 years out from diagnosis. June 2005. The 12yr mark is my re-birth day!!

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