Happy Valentines Day

We’re back from our little trip/work trip. Yesterday didn’t go as planned but was still okay.


This was the view on our morning walk. That’s looking back at the Santa Barbara Wharf. Stearns Wharf.


This was the night before at Moby Dicks which is on the pier. Fun place to watch sailboats and birds.

So back to what didn’t work. We left to head up to SLO so B could go to the co-op. that was fine. Then we found a great lunch place, Firestone Grill. Had a good lunch but by then it was still 2 hours plus to Monterey.  Then we got to Monterey, the hotel actually wasn’t in Monterey, so that was the first oops.  It was really too far to back to Cannery Row or the Wharf. The room wasn’t up to par for me. Kinda smelled funny like cleaning stuff and it was just laid out wrong. But we managed and just decided to call it a day and went to the store for salads and cheese.

But we walked this morning and then left early so as to just get home.

So here we are and I just took a nap. Yay for home.