21st of December

Happy Solciste!!

I am thrilled that this is the shortest day and the longest night since it means we start going in the other direction.  It does take a while to really notice it(like January) but you can feel it.

Still, no gym workout although I really wanted to go but my cough is croupy and I don’t want to put that on other people. Maybe tomorrow. It’s getting better daily but still not good enough to go workout.  I miss it. I’ll have to add some days after I’m back in the swing of it.


Tonight we’re having a minestrone I have going in the crockpot.  I think I’ll add some ravioli after it’s cooked so there’s a little pasta in it.

We’re joining Frugalwoods in a low -no spend January.  If you haven’t seen her blog you should go take a look. I like her practical and down to earth advice.  She and her husband worked to become Financially Independent at a very young age. Quite remarkable.  We never had any money sense when we were young. We just sort skipped along and never really thought about it. I certainly wish we had now.  But hindsight is 20/20 and whatever we can do to be frugal now we certainly try.  I’ll do a post soon on budgeting and financial goals for 2018.



4 thoughts on “21st of December

  1. Thanks for the reminder. So things will be looking brighter from here on out! We’re doing the no-spend January, too, but mostly because our credit cards are just about tapped out. But like I said, things will be looking up soon!

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