Simple Sunday

A cool day after the rain but sunny.

We were out walking by 5:30 ( or 6:30) Daylight savings time. It wasn’t completely dark. Our other regular usually doesn’t walk on Sundays so we had the park to ourselves and the geese and ducks. But sort of as expected the regular 7am crowd showed up at 6 am. Tomorrow will be interesting to see who’s there.

Then it was the Kitchen Zone this week, so I wiped all the cabinets, top of the refrigerator and did the windows and stove hood. All I need to do is mop the floor tomorrow.

We had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast with some bacon and veggie sausage and scrambled eggs. Quite yummy really.

Then it was on to the gym and Target.  I needed to get twinkly lights. I only got 2 packs because they weren’t on sale. Plus cat food, of course. PLus a couple of large Xmas bags to put gifts in. I decided this would be a good way to just have the simple gifts in a bag for each person. We’ll see how that goes.

I came home and got the pork roast in the Lodge to cook for a few hours and made homemade mac and cheese and I just finished the salad. I’m guessing were eating a little earlier tonight than usual.IMG_0386.jpg

Here’s a cute picture of Rocky and Ollie( the cat)!!

4 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

    • I do!! I started Flylady @ 7 years ago and that was my first step toward minimalism. I followed all her steps in decluttering. One thing that helped me the most was the 15-minute increments.
      Now I don’t do that so much but I do the zones faithfully each week.

  1. Rocky and Ollie – swoon! Yes, 15 minutes of Fly Lady works for me.m way better than other de-cluttering systems. I disliked trying to pull out every like item in your entire house. I could never live with that mess and just shoved everything back.

    • Rocky is a rescue dog. Ollie is 14 yo and has cancer so he won’t long for this world. My daughter loves this cat and has spent almost $4,000 trying to see if the tumor could be removed. After extensive CT scans(multiple times) the answer is a sad, no. But he’s happy and enjoying his days in the sun.

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