Catching up

We’re still at Tahoe for a few more days. It’s lovely here with fewer kids running around and therefore quieter.  Mostly retired folks.  There are a few families here and there but even the beach is dramatically less busy. Of course, this is the weekend, so it’ll get busier.

We celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary here and planned to go to a fancy place for lunch. But the menu wasn’t impressive and it turned out not to be fancy but order at the counter. This was The Ridge if you’re interested.  So we decided to make fancy cheese and avocado sandwiches in camp and it was perfect. We’ll do something special out sometime. I’m not one to hold to ‘it has to be’ this way so it was easy.

We’ve had 3 Lodge dinners and last night was a pizza again. So much fun to cook with the Lodge.  But tonight we’re thinking a soup or quesadilla. Just an easy meal.

We had fun going to Goodwill and then we’ve been at the grocery store almost every day for either ice or whatever.  But since Safeway is just up at the corner it’s convenient.

We also have been to the gym twice and that was good to do some weights. I need to ramp up my workouts.

OMG, I forgot, the best news of all my LABS came in the normal range. I’m going on 14 months. Pretty amazing!!!!! I see my oncologist the first week of September so it’ll be just a touch base with him. So relieved and obviously, happy.

On a political note, it’s just amazing Trump would pardon Arapio(sp?) . I mean can we go any lower. And now banning transgender going into the service. We are going backward.  Geez, hard to really comprehend how low Trump can go.

Oh, and how bout it’s okay to leave up the Confederate statues to represent oppression because the civil war was about taxes(which I’m sure was part of the picture) and slavery was legal( so it wasn’t about that)?. So we need to keep them as symbols of respect…Well, I’m obviously being facetious and referring to another bloggers post about the whole statue thing so I’ll leave it at that.  This is my blog and I’ll write what I want just as she can write what she wants. We’re all entitled to believe what we believe as long as it doesn’t oppress or hurt others. I’m pretty sure that’s what neo nazis and white supremacists want to do.

Anywho…. it’s a beautiful day in Tahoe. I hope the hurricane in Texas didn’t cause too much damage.

7 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. I’m with you a hundred percent on statues. Put them all in battlefields and away from town squares. It’s been 150 years get over your hurt feelings you lost and move on with life.

    Because Trump and his deplorable are always saying “get over it you lost” after all….

    • Thanks Bernie,
      I honestly cannot get how people twist things rather than seeing things objectively. I’m sure I do too but overall I try and look at things in perspective.

  2. Wow Christina, so happy to read your labs have been stable and NORMAL for 14 months. That’s just incredible to me. Congrats! So happy for you. What treatment were you on prior to this? It’s so amazing how MM morphs so differently for all of us! Do you follow any of the Myeloma Crowd facebook groups. So amazing to read all the different treatments and how MM affects everyone so drastically different. Me, my IgA is holding low (good low), not normal, but low compared to earlier this year. I’m on Darza, Pom, Dex. Haven’t had a medication free time since coming out of remission summer 2013, and prior to that, I was only off Rev maint for about 9 mos. So you’re sure doing something right girlfriend! Keep up the good work! :)) Julie

    • Thanks Julie,
      I’m glad you are doing well too even if it’s on treatment. AT least it’s working to keep things under control. I was on Velcade for the 6 rounds and it dropped my numbers amazingly. Pomalyst did nothing at all, but he kept trying(my doctor). Then when it seemed my numbers were going up we switched. I had never been on Velcade so it must have done something. I am so thrilled to be just living my life. Although as you know, it’s always there.

      • So weird how MM morphs soooo differently for all of us. Velcade caused me horrendous burning skin pain. Only had 2 shots at the beginning of this Darzalex journey. Then switched to Pomalyst. Doing fine on Darza Pom Dex, but my MM has to always be attacked with meds. I’ve been on continuous treatment since Jan 2010, with only a tiny 9 month break after Rev maintenance for almost 2 years, after my July 2010 SCT. Anyway, so happy all is going so well for you Christina! So sorry about your goat :(( We had goats many years ago, and they’re great!

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