Saturday Stuff

B is still in S Cal, staying at the California Grand at Disney land for the natural foods convention, so We are holding down the fort. The weather is lovely so it makes it way easier than if it is cold and rainy. Today were suppose to hit 73 degrees. Yay, I’m all for nicer weather.

I went to the farmers market just now and it’s nice to get some very fresh stuff. It’s always more expensive ( I spent $25) for veggies but the quality is great. I was there and back in 40 minutes.  My only splurge was organic strawberries for $5.75. Pretty steep but they look lovely.

I might go out later to the thrift store as I’m not going to the gym today. I’ll do my work out tomorrow.  I like Sundays as there are fewer people. so I might wait and go then.

This week has more appts than I usually do. I have my labs on Monday, some library stuff Wednesday and then my doctor appt Thursday. Thursday also is the annual Friends of Library meeting at 1 pm. But since I’m in Sacramento till  12;30 or later, I’m probably not going to make it.

This coming week is suppose to be very nice with temperatures in the 70’s and high 60’s so I’m going to wash curtains and open all the windows one day to air everything out. I cleaned the sun room yesterday except for the bird cage. I’d like to get rid of the cockatiels but feel guilty. Do you think birds have feelings?? They were born when we had our huge aviary. At one time we had 80- finches, doves, budgy,  cockatiels. They would mate and these 2 we have left are the result of that. They’re not friendly per se but they do know us. Mostly, they’re  messy and I’d like to get rid of that.

Well, tonight we’re ordering a sandwich from our Holiday market. S and I  share one and it’s fun to do something different.


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