Labs still normal!!

After I e-messaged my doctor he messaged back that my labs were normal. But I  still wanted a paper copy. So he sent that and I got that on Saturday. So this is month 7 off Velcade and Dex. I feel pretty good.

Kappa light chains 12.7 mg/L

lambda light chains 12.9 mg/L

ratio .98

So, all in all, I am thrilled.

I cancelled the appt to see him this month as I don’t need to and will reschedule for March after the next set of labs.

Last night the chicken adobo was really tasty. The tofu one needed more of the sauce. But I’ll definitely make this again.

Tonight I have homemade mac and cheese and a big salad.

Sunday stuff

We don’t have cable so no super bowl for us and really I don’t even know who’s playing. My daughter ( the tech whiz) said she could probably hook her mac up to the tv and stream. But I’m not sure I’m interested. We’ll see. I was disappointed we couldn’t stream the Sherlock. I guess we missed the window when it was available. 😦

In other boring news, we got the dishwasher. img_0499It matches our fridge we bought last year when that died. It too was a Kenmore Elite and lasted 20 years. So they were a good model. These are Whirlpool. It’s a monochrome stainless steel. I like the look but I have had some difficulty with fingerprints.I haven’t found something that works well. Any ideas.?? I’ve done Windex(which seems to work the best) just a dab of dish soap on a rag( ok), I even tried the olive oil where you just put a dab on a cloth and rub with the grain. It didn’t work great.

I went to the gym and that was good. i need to up my time on the recumbent. I did 16 minutes and really want to do 20. But I get bored. So then I do my circuit of weight machines. All in all, it’s about 40 minutes. So I’m good with that.


At least today it is not raining. It’s supposed to come in tonight and then rain all week.

For dinner, I’m trying a new recipe of Chicken Adobo. I had to use chicken breasts as I didn’t have any thighs. Plus I made a tofu one. I ‘m going to serve over rice.

Five Frugal Things Friday

This week was sorta frugal.

  • We didn’t eat out even though I wanted to get Tacos. I made chicken soft tacos with brown rice.
  • I picked up my order of Zaycon whole natural chickens. They’re not organic but are natural, free range, no antibiotics crap. So I have a freezer full. Also,Zaycon is great if you don’t mind having to repack it all when you get home. These whole chickens were pretty easy but when I had got the chicken breasts it took forever and was quite the production. Still, the price is great.
  •  I went to Grocery Outlet yesterday and spent $86.00 on lots of things. Bagels, Bread( cause I’m lazy and didn’t make my own right now), pork shoulder for pulled pork, and other things too. I went in to get dishwasher soap in hopes that the powder would release into the dishwasher properly. It didn’t. So I guess our 20-year dishwasher is on the way out.  So that is not going to be frugal since we will need to buy one next week.
  • Let’s see. Did my gym workouts so it made each workout about .62 cents. If I add one more a week it’ll go down even more. But I’m pretty comfortable with 3-4 x a week.
  • Dropped 2 loads at Goodwill and the humane Society bookstore. I got receipts because we had a lot last year to add as deductions. It’s kinda a pain to have to write each receipt in, but worth if you do as much as we do. We didn’t include the huge van of samples (food) that my husband gives to the food bank every month. WE don’t even add that in.

Well, I’ still anxiously waiting for my labs to show up. My CBC and CMP looked great. But it’s the light chains and SPEP that are the markers. I e-messaged my doctor to check if they’re in. They should be so, I’m thinking he’s out of the office.

Tonight I’m making a veggie pizza with ranch garlic dressing. I saw it on another bloggers post , pizza.


Double stuffed potatoes….

If you shop at Costco, one of the best deals they have is their bag of russet potatoes. It’s a huge bag and the potatoes are always nice looking.  I have bought bags at Safeway only to throw 1/2 away because they have turned green or are sprouting. I’ve never had that problem with Costco’s potatoes.

This is a great freezer item and I keep them wrapped in foil and then in a gallon freezer bag. I also get the large sour cream at Costco and a block of Tillamook cheese. Plus I buy my butter there too, so overall these are great savings. I think the sour cream is like $ 4. something and it’s huge. At the store, the pint of sour cream can be 3.99.

img_0493 So first I bake as many potatoes as I think I need. In this case, I did the entire bag, so it was 15 very large russets. I put the oven on for at least 2 hours as with that number of potatoes it takes longer.

Then I let them cool img_0494some and then cut in half.

Then to the potato mixture, I add butter(lots) sour cream ( lots), and grated cheese. Then I mix together and start heaping back in the potato halves. img_0495

I heap it quite full and mound it over the top, so I get fewer halves than I baked. So from this batch, I ended up with 15 halves. The other halves go to the chickens.

Then I wrap in foil and bag in the freezer bag. img_0496

To use, I pull them out of the freezer a few hours before I bake but usually, I forget so I just pop them in the oven. I like to do a potato bar with green onions, bacon, more butter, and more sour cream. Sometimes that is the whole dinner with a green salad.

If you looking for some batch cooking ideas this one works great for us.