‘French Country Cooking’by Mimi Thorisson

9780553459586.jpegThis book is beautiful and full of wonderful stories and recipes. Mimi and her husband, who did all the photos,  shares what is like to live in the South of FRance in a wonderfully restored house. Theirs is also a bistro type restaurant. Along with her many children they offer rustic menus.

Each recipe has a beautiful picture and a great story. The recipes are intriguing and well planned and laid out. I’ve already tried the baked apples but minus the wonderful cookies she describes.

This is a terrific cookbook and beautiful as well. I enjoyed reading it cover to cover twice.

I would recommend buying this beautiful book and savor the recipes.

I recieved this book from bloggingforbooks in exchange for my honest opinion.

Labs and cleaning

Went and got my labs done do now it’s wait till Wednesday to see how the SPEP and light chains are. This is month 5 off drugs (except Acyclovir and Cholestramine).

Next, it’s the kitchen zone and it takes about 2 hours to get thru. I decluttered pantry items and some some things. I’m doing the minimalists game, which is for each day you get rid of that many things. so far I’m ahead with 70 things. Some just tossed and some to go to the thrift store.

I’ve got a few loads of laundry to do including dog blankets.

Dinner is pasta something maybe with brown butter and a spinach salad.

Simple Sunday?

Well ,probably not since we went to Ikea for the day bed that was on sale. It was a good deal and has drawers under the bed for storage. Plus it was 15% off so that’s why we did it.  Inspite of what alot of  people say about Ikea, I find there stuff well made and I love the Danish/Scandanavian look.

I bought some LED bulbs and will go back or more a good price of 3.99 each. I wanted to try them before committing to them and I do. Let see, candles, which are a necessary part of life for me(3.99 ea), a throw, toilet brush and holder and the Ikea Fjalla boxes which I’ve been wanting so I can reorganize pictures.

We ate breakfast there and the coffee was organic and pretty tasty and free. So a fun date with B.

Dinner is crockpot pot roast with vegies and mushroom stroganoff with buttered noodles for the vegie!


Tomorrow are my big labs, SPEP test and Kappa/Lambda light chains.  I had my thyroid test last week and they were both normal. The dose of levothyroxine I’m on is still perfect.

Five things Friday

I’m not sure who started this, but a lot of bloggers do this 5 things Friday so I thought Id chime in too.

First, I am so grateful to not be on chemo drugs and am enjoying this break.

Second, I am so grateful for my husband who works so hard to keep us with a roof over our heads, food and yes, health insurance. He’s of retirement age but that cant happen since we weren’t too smart finacially like most of our lives. So, he’s healthy and loves his job which is really an awesome job with great benefits.

Third, my kids are awesome and are healthy and happy.

Fourth, I’m very grateful to the LLS for the grant they provide many myeloma patients and others with blood cancers. Every little bit helps.

Fifth, that we live in a great nation, where democracy rules and all of us have a voice. We may not agree on many things but we have the right to do that.

I was a young woman when the push for womens equal rights was front and center. The late sixties and early seventies I remember so clearly a time of upheaval( Vietnam, and equal rights for women in the work place.)

We have come a long way in the last 40 years. The technological age is amazing. I love blogging about my very simple and boring life. I love reading tid bits of other peoples lives. And I’ve learned enormous things from places like the Myeloma Beacon, and people like Pat Killingsworth(RIP), and many other bloggers with myeloma and not. image

Is it over yet??

I don’t know if I can take anymore about the election. Trump is such a misogynist, liar, racist, womanizer and on an on. How is it people are still willing to vote for him. I just do not get it. He deleted more emails than Clinton. He has done bankruptcy how many times, he thinks he’s smart because he doesnt pay taxes. Really, and you still think he’s a better choice. That is really scary. He has no plan except, oh, I’ll cancel Obamacare. Well, WTF, with that. It’s way smarter to try and improve what is in place and correct the problems. Yes, it has flaws, but insurance is available for all people now when it never was before. Oh, and I dont want to hear how people are paying for it for those who can’t afford it. That’s what our taxes do for social services anyway.  Honestly, Trump can’t even speak with proper grammar. Is bigly even a word??? Can you imagine him sitting down with world leaders and interupting and making snide remarks. Come on people use your brain. This man is really a dictator and that’s what we would get.

Well, enough of my rant. We all have reasons to believe what we believe. So…my blog is my blog. If you love Trump and he’s the real deal for you, just don’t comment here.