another tree goes…

The other night @ 10 pm we all hear this huge crack and boom. It was too dark to see anything but we sorta figured it was one of our bark beetle trees that’s dead. Big surprise, we see in the morning that it’s a huge oak that has cracked apart and barely misses out neighbors house. This was a huge branch from a huge oak.  That evening @ 7 my husband hears this crack and pop. Sure enough another branch off this huge oak lands on our side of the fence. it must be the drought that has caused these trees to just give up. Even though we had a good winter with rain it wasn’t enough after 5 years of drought. So that leaves one huge branch left on this tree.

We also have a very large oak near our house. It wouldn’t hit the house if it fell but it would squish cars!! So we called a guy we had gotten a number of that cuts trees very reasonably. Remember the one guy said he’d have to bring the crane and then were looking at another $1800 minimum. so this guy will rope the branches down and will do it for $5oo. what a deal. I can’t wait. Of course, I will leave as I’m too nervous to watch these things. I just have a feeling that our oak is going to crack and go. We know it has had ants in it and water damage in some holes. So it’s only a matter of time.  So, were gone 2 weeks off an on so, it’ll have to be after that. the good part will be oak fire wood.


It’s another hot day of 102 ,ugh…I hate the heat.

Dinner : Taco Tuesday. I’m buying to hot to cook.



One thought on “another tree goes…

  1. I had a hickory that was infested with ants. They had destroyed a strip of the bark up about four feet high. The tree was huge, about 100 years old. My ex sprayed the ants multiple times every day and got rid of the ants. The tree healed, closing up the long gash. As it closed, I could see it was hollow, though. And, since it set in a corner of the house, enclosed by two walls, I was afraid that at some point, the tree would fall and hit the house or the one next door. I had a guy cut it down and leave it in the yard since I could not afford removal. The two helpers said they would remove the tree and clean my yard if I could have the tree. They sold the firewood to a bbq place in town.

    Will your insurance cover the removal? The tree has a price. Drought, like lightning is an act of nature, so maybe you will be reimbursed for the tree. Oaks are valuable. Or, the insurance company might pay for removal to avoid additional costs later.

    Are you going to wait two weeks? At least get that one limb down before then.

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