image imageWe are having a lot of fun and doing tons of walking. You’d think with walking everyday in the JKWP , I’d be ready for this. So, not! I’m sore and my legs are like noodles. Well, this might just get us to do more walking on hills. So, we’ve been to Pikes place twice, the original starbucks, the very beautiful and modern library, out to Bainbridge island on the ferry and tons of other things.,today, though is the big day with the doctor. I hope they haven’t screwed up my appointment.  First we’re going to the space needle and will take the monorail there. Then we will have to get a taxi to the SCCA, as it is too far to walk.,

We had a very expensive dinner last night but worth it as the food was exceptional. Today we’ll keep it cheap with starbucks breakfast and something light for dinner. Tomorrow its home. Since I’m a homebody, I’ll be ready.

2 thoughts on “Seattle!!

  1. It really is a great city. We loved all the public transit,which for us was kinda a first. We had a superb dinner at The Purple Cafe and wine bar. If you’re back to deal with your house check it out!!

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