Squash and more squash!

image imageWe are getting a lot of zucchini and patty pans. So, we’re eating lots of sautéed squash. B bought me an Oxo mandolin so I’m thin slicing the squash and sautéing. Last night it was squash curry with rice.

Im sure we will be tired of it before long but for now fresh from the garden is nice. Plus a few tomatoes are coming in

Our super hot weather has left and its a nice 88 something in the afternoon. I think today is less. We leave for Seattle tomorrow and I’m excited. Unfortunately it’s very hot there. That’s very unusual, as it’s usually like in the 70’s. Oh, well, we shall still have a nice time. Once I get thru the doctor appointment we can go have fun. We were going to rent a car, but then the travel books all said parking and driving in Downtown Seattle is a nightmare. So we decided not to and we will take a cab up to the cancer center then see how close things are from the hotel.

Well, off to do some tidying and meeting my friend to drop off eggs!!!

4 thoughts on “Squash and more squash!

  1. I hope you have a great time in Seattle. I live in Bellevue, across the bridge from Seattle and go to Scca and see Dr. Burwick. Seattle is wonderful! I hope you have a chance to see the waterfront and pike place market. There’s lots more to see. If you need some ideas, feel free to email me at Kimmklassen8@gmail.com

    • I was scheduled to see Dr Green. But now he won’t be there Thursday, so I’m seeing a Dr. Caffe( not sure of the spelling. He is a myeloma specialist but newish. I’m not super happy about them changing this at the last minute since we’re flying out today. But, at least he is a specialist and that’s what I’m after for a second opinion. If this doesn’t seem to work out I’ll consider UCSF which is closer to me but I did this first mostly because I thought I could see Dr. Libby.😞
      I will check whether Dr. Burwick is taking patients. Thanks.

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