Beautiful Lake Tahoe

It is my favorite place.

But when we arrived Sunday , whoa, five million people, mostly foreigners.

Monday there were a lot less people and today traffic not bad.

I tell you though, getting a reservation is practically like winning the lottery. Not sure how some of these people even get on computers, but they must since it’s all reserved.

so, even for all of August and all of September, absolutely nothing. Even October looks mostly booked and they close by October 15. Geez, I get next January I’ll be n the computer at 6:59. The amp host said that she knows people who have multiple family members trying for reservations, so maybe we’ll do that.

When we get home, we are going to look at some small hardbodies. I had another diarehea episode, I think not drug related, but could be, but food, so I need to have a bathroom. The camp one is too far for me to run to.

We’ve been saying we’d look for 2 years, so maybe now we will.

Theres a big fire down in our area, lots of poor air quality. Some evacuations, but we’re ok. But it’s going to be hot again. Here in Tahoe it’s quite breezy and only around 70, so nice but at home 104. Yikes, I hate hot weather.