Saturday doings

So its off to the library again. Today we don’t get transit so it’ll  be easier. B and my daughter are  going to the farmers market to get some veggies for the week. We haven’t been in a while. 

I’m typing this on our new Mac Air which is amazing. I’d like to get my daughter a mac pro for school. We’re sharing this and that’s great, but I think she’d love her own. I haven’t  figured out auto correct yet. Oh , I might have just figured it out. Nope, not yet.

So I’m learning some new stuff, which is what I wanted to do. I’d like to learn how to do spread sheets for budgeting.

I didn’t start the Pomalyst yet. I’ll get a blood test on Wednesday and then get the results thursday. Not sure what this will mean for future cycles. if it continues to bounce back up after 10 days good. but if not, pomalsyt may not be something i can use. Id be pretty upset if that happened. So no dex tonight. Good I guess. 

Tomorrow were doing a Costo run. Mostly TP, oxo, stuff like that. This week my menus will be :

Saturday BBQ something

Sunday roast chicken with salad

Monday pasta something

Tuesday tacos

Wednesday, we will gone so, so on your own!!

Thursday not sure

Friday homemade pizza

Off for now to tidy up before work.

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