Thursdays news!

Well, nothing new really. Walked this morning, then Flylady ‘d the house. Made brownies, but my eyes weren’t working cuz I added 1 1/4 c water instead of 1/4 c. When I put it in I thought ,that’s a lot if water. Oh well, the chickens will like it. So I had to remake, or rather, I had my daughter remake a batch. Then into town for lunch with my bestest friend. She is my oldest and dearest friend. It was nice to catch up. Now I’m home , cleaned up again, and I’m going to rest before starting afternoon stuff. 

It’s getting cloudy again, so no nice sunshine. 

We had old coyote come around again this morning, but thankfully my husband has fixed the gate where the one chicken gets over, or she’d be gone. One of our inside cats was out on the deck and totally freaked. He’s still looking out the window for the coyote. Humm, I wish the coyotes would just go somewhere else.

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