57 degrees?

I went walking at 6am or a little after and it was 57 degrees out. What is up with that.? It’s breezy already but warm. Our yard looks like a brown desert. Maybe we should start watering.

I’m off to work this morning, I had a lot of stomach trouble yesterday, not sure why. It seems to come and go. I still need to find out if the doctors page he needs to fill in for the LLS is there or not. Yesterday, it wasn’t but they had the fax wrong. But this is my renewal for my grant so it’s quite important it get done.

I’m definitely frustrated with saving money and try to make head way on the student loans or our mortgage. The SL is all interest pretty much till it gets down to a certain dollar amount. Should I even try or work on the second? The second is a very low 1% interest but still could we get rid of it. I’m pretty frustrated with it all but will continue to just process what is the best course of action. Any ideas any one? 

Just save more? Or try and tackle something. We actually don’t have a lot extra after what were paying but I’d still like to try.

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