Well, I am working as B got my van down the driveway at 6:30 this morning to take my son to work. Our driveway was ok to go down but couldn’t come back up.  My daughter got her vw out to go to work. Then B took me to the library. And later will pick me up and then Z. Also the power went out for about an hour,so I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay here in the cold and dark. But, it just came on.

So, the update on my doctor visit. I started revlimid last night  so I’m on for 21 days, dex tonight. So, he said if my number goes up ( monoclonal protein) then at some point well do a BMB which I haven’t had in about 4 years to see where my plasma cells are. If they stay the same , ok. If it goes down even better. I’m not sure how I feel with this, but it does see, like we’d need to get another diagnostic in here. I’m hoping ,of course , it goes down , but this is my 5 cycle and I haven’t really seen any change. 😦

well, onward. just walk , and keep going.image

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