Monday, Monday!

Weekly Money Mash Up 3/18.  Hosted by simply stacia.
1.  The most money I’ve spent last week was for ___food, food, food.
2.  A low-cost or free thing I did this past week was ____went for a great 2 hour hike with my sweetie!_.
3.  The one thing I did for another was ___cook!__.
4.  Something I really need to accomplish this week is ___great my food budget straightened out!__.

5.  Do you “spring clean” your house or apartment?  

Yes, I follow  and do a weekly zone. I have done this now for 2 years I think, maybe 3, and it’s the best thing ever.
Planning  menus for the week, and. Playing with budget numbers.
I’m disappointed I’m not losing any weight. I’m doing WW on line and keeping track of food, but I seemed stalled. I have a long way to go so I need to just hang in there.

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